TAI CHI with Netta


Netta Ditchburn of Body Harmony Moves is an Holistic Fitness Trainer as well as one of our resident artists at FRANK.


Netta practices the form of Tai Chi known as Shibashi, with 18 flowing movements performed in the forward-facing position.  The moves are coordinated with the breath, help to focus the mind, and great for posture and balance.  The moves help to dissolve tension, stress and increase energy and vitality.


Come and experience peace...


Tai Chi/Qigong moves are gentle and flowing.  It is a mindful meditation in motion which promotes serenity and inner peace.  Slow down and reconnect.


Bookings are essential - please phone Netta on 0423 104 442.  


You can follow Body Harmony Moves on social media via the links below.






DRAWING 101 with Chris Blazer


This 4-week course is designed for those of you who have a passion to draw and may either not know where or how to begin, or you feel the need to enhance and improve what skills you have now. The aim is to challenge and stimulate your observation skills and give you the knowledge and tools to further your drawing ability. You will be guided through a series of exercises with the express purpose of enhancing your perception and awakening the artist within.

Topics include:

  • Developing perception skills
  • Tools and materials for graphite drawing
  • Techniques of shading 
  • Light and shadow. 
  • Basic perspective 
  • Portraiture

This course runs on 4 consecutive Fridays from 9am-11am starting June 15th.

COST: $75 


Bookings essential! Contact Chris Blazer on 0425 867 719 to secure your spot!